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Albars Distrak V Red Sun
April 7, 1993 - April 26, 2000


  • Jazz was a rescue and was 2 1/2 when he came to us.  He is still very active and VERY VOCAL!

  • He loves to run and chase squirrels.  Also, even though he doesn't want anyone to know this, he can't live without a good morning cuddle session.

  • Jazz is currently learning to track (track scent and 'find')

  • He is the beta of our pack and while intimidating to people, he is submissive with most other dogs.

  • His nicknames are Pooh Bear, Donut Head, Handsome and Dufus

    Jazz died shortly after his 7th birthday.......he started coughing and within days, was in total heart failure. He had been to the vet that week for a sore paw and the next week, he was in intensive care, lucky to be alive. He had Dilated Cardiomyopathy. We hoped to give him some quality time but it was not to be - the meds did little and he refused to eat. For over two weeks we force fed him and tried everything we could think of to help him. He had his first ever acupuncture treatments - which he seemed to enjoy. That, and being out in his yard was his only joy those days. Horrible to watch a dog go from galloping around non-stop to one who could barely get up to go out and pee.  There are some things I learned and hope to share with you.......if we help one dobe, it'll be worth it...........if your dog won't eat, people told me to try raw food or baby food, a million different things. What I wish I had known about earlier are things like Nutrical - a high calorie gel available at places like Petco or Petsmart and typically in the cat section. Then there are liquid high calorie supplements - Dyne and Nutristat, which I found in pet catalogs like KV Vet. Also, Pedialyte to provide electrolytes.

Heart failure in and of itself causes anorexia and then the meds upset their stomachs. On top of which, their bodies need more calories to keep fighting. Some people have good luck with marshmallows or bread - Jazz did eat two pieces of bread one night and it's the only thing that he ever willingly took after he became ill. You can try to make them "work" for the bread/food and sometimes old conditioned responses will take over and they'll eat without thinking about it. 

Some antioxidants and amino acids have been helpful in staving off the effects of cardio - these are L-carnitine, Taurine and CoQ-10. 

Something like 20% of dobes never show symptoms, they just drop dead from an arrythmia. To learn more about cardio, see  

Some dogs are companions and some become a part of us. Jazz took pieces of us with him when he went. Jazz, we love and miss you. Some day.........I hope.    

   j stck bsmt.jpg (54059 bytes) Of course I will do what you say if you give me FOOD

  jazz up 1.jpg (53269 bytes)  Thank you!

  jazz up 3.jpg (44686 bytes) I will even dance for you

jazz stk yd.jpg (148394 bytes)Come through my gate...I dare you!


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