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Kel Simoon's Ederi

  • Ederi is an Azawakh, a type of sight hound from Mali.

  • Azawakhs are often confused with Salukis, however, Azawakhs do not have "feathers" around their ears, and are a distinct breed of dogs.

  • The temperament of an Azawakh is quite different from that of a Doberman.  Azawakhs are most content to sleep the day away. 

  • The word Ederi, means gazelle, which  they are used to hunt in their native land (as well as hunting other small game.)


ederi face.jpg (67019 bytes)Is there any way you could not love me?


ederi crate 2.jpg (106981 bytes)I would have straightened up if  I knew I was having company

e over.jpg (51141 bytes)Shhhhhh!  I am not supposed to be playing on the furniture

ederi 1.jpg (244457 bytes) Ahem!!  A little privacy maybe?


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