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DARE's Asia Blue Came Back For You (ILP name)

Asia is a blue Doberman (one of 4 colors accepted by the DPCA). She was a dog I fostered for D.A.R.E. in the Summer of 1998. She had been given up by her family because they were moving and said she "wouldn't fit in". We bonded well and it was hard for me to place her, although I did. Three months later, she was in the shelter again. This time, I promised her she wouldn't have to go anywhere else. She had a poor coat when we got her back, but I've put her on some supplements (see Jim Anable's web page for blue dobes), and it has come in gloriously! She and I are beginning to do agility together, and hope to put some titles on her. For that reason, we obtained her ILP from the AKC. This  Indefinite Listing Privilege enables dogs without AKC registration to compete in AKC events and earn titles, just as any dog with normal AKC registration. (see the AKC web page)  She is a beautiful, wonderful girl (and keeps the boys in line!) There is a picture of Jazz and Asia on the rescue stories link of 


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