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Pictured below are a couple of the foster dogs that we have fostered throughout the year. 


eddie 4.jpg (100077 bytes) Eddie was pulled from a local shelter. We figured he was about a year old - was very skinny but had an incredibly sweet disposition. He was a hit at lots of Petsmarts - he loved everybody and was a big goofy boy! Eddie found his permanent home after a couple of weeks and is now enjoying life as an only dog who gets lots of attention. He attended our picnic in October and was looking good ! 

ginger 1.jpg (77563 bytes) Ginger was 2.5 yrs old when her owner gave her up. He said he had recently moved and no longer had the time to devote to her. A great dog - very active and friendly. She was adopted by a family and has a stay at home mom now. The dad runs with her so she gets plenty of exercise and she gets lots of attention.

cameo.jpg (65733 bytes)

Cammie was also about 2.5 yrs old when her owner gave her up. Her owner complained that she peed all of the time and started fights with her other two dogs. What we found was that she lacked self confidence and had a urinary incontinence problem (fairly common in female dobes) as well as being a submissive wetter. We did not have any problems with peeing or fighting here once we learned to moderate our voices (even high praise would make her pee) and she learned she wouldn't get yelled at for peeing. We also put her on PPA for the leaking problem. Her new owner raves about her - how calm and well mannered she is. Cammie was a real heart warmer !